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Helping Hearts California, LLC provides community based treatment for individuals suffering from serious mental illness. These treatment service programs are designed to serve adults who are in need of mental health treatment and are unable to care for themselves in an independent living situation, but can be cared for in a facility that provides psychiatric care in a normal home environment.

The goal of Helping Hearts is to provide clients with the skills to continue to live independently and successfully in the community.

Helping Hearts program has been in existence since 2008 in Arizona, and 2015 in California.

Our Treatment Programs

  • Transitional Residential

    Provides an activity program that encourages utilization of community resources for no longer than 12 months.

  • Long-Term Residential

    Provides rehabilitation services for the chronically mentally ill who need long-term support and care for up to 18 months, in order to develop independent living skills.

The Transitional Residential and Long-Term Residential programs are licensed by the Department of Social Services, and the mental health program components are certified by the Department of Health Care Services.

Our programs provide an alternative to acute psychiatric hospitalization and institutional care based on the principles of residential community-based treatment.

This includes a high level of care provided in a homelike setting, stringent staff requirements, 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week supervision and treatment assistance and community participation at all levels.

Our program services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full-day treatment program with an active prevocational and vocational component
  • Special education services
  • Outreach to develop linkages with the general social service system
  • Counseling to aid clients in developing the skills to move toward a less structured setting

All client treatment plans include focus in the following areas:

  1. Health and psychiatric histories
  2. Psychosocial skills
  3. Current psychological, educational, vocational, and other functional limitations
  4. Social support skills
  5. Medical needs, as reported
  6. Meal Planning, shopping, and budgeting skills

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We are currently looking for talented individuals who are interested in being part of a growing team that is making a difference in our community.

For employment opportunities, please contact our office at

(909) 292-8997.

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